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The PoP Shoppe enjoyed a good amount of success during the 70's and early 80's as a price-busting brand. Then the Cola Wars happened. Duh-duh-duh In the early 80's, major supermarket chains began selling their own line of value-priced pop. This was a dark time for smaller companies who responded by further reducing their prices. Many of these companies, including The Pop Shoppe, didn’t make it.

In short, no and nada. The Pop Shoppe relaunched under a new Articles of Incorporation. The original company ceased operations and became defunct.

It turns out you just can’t keep a good brand down. The PoP Shoppe began showing up in store coolers again in 2004 and has since become Canada’s #1 premium soft drink.

Everywhere you look, The PoP Shoppe is there. In supermarkets, corner stores, and even restaurants – a testament to our popularity. Find a nearby retailer through our website's Retailers section or contact our distributors, Beverage World Inc., at 905-643-7713.

Back in the day The PoP Shoppe had a whopping 26 flavors!

We're always exploring new and exciting flavors. Keep an eye on our announcements for any upcoming releases.

All of our premium craft sodas are gluten free and vegan.

This is a question we get a lot! The Cream Soda emoji is a scoop of whipped cream. We created this emoji in 2004 upon relaunching the brand. While the "Poop" emoji was established in 1997 by a Japanese cell phone software provider, Google first supported this emoji for Gmail in 2008. So, we were ahead of our time ... again! LOL!

Times have changed and recyclable has become the new refillable , meaning you’ll recycle our bottles just as you do any other bottles and cans. You do recycle, don’t you? Good!

The PoP Shoppe will be forever linked to fond memories of Eddie Shack and cheers of “Clear the track here comes Shack!” While he was never an owner, Eddie was a one-of-a-kind character and an invaluable pitchman in our early advertising campaigns. He truly had “a nose for value.”

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The PoP Shoppe franchise is no more. For distribution or retail opportunities, contact Beverage World at 905-643-7713.